4 Tips For Learning To Ride A Motorized Skateboard

A motorized skateboard, or E board, is a skateboard that has been modified by adding an electric motor. The rider steers the board by shifting his or her weight and controls the speed with a radio frequency remote control. These boards have seen a boom in popularity in recent years, and more and more people are trying them out. The following are some tips from experienced riders to help the newbie get started.

Tip #1: Learn to ride the motorized skateboard as if it were a manual board. This is especially important if you are completely new to the sport of skateboarding. Your body needs to learn how to balance on the board at a slow speed, at high speed, and going around curves. Until you’ve mastered the basics, leave the remote control in the box.

Tip #2: Understand some key differences between manual and electronic skateboarding. One of the main differences is that you don’t need to take your feet off an electronic board to start, speed up, or slow down. All of that is done with the hand-held remote control. Stopping does require a foot on the ground, but only at the very end, after the board has slowed down.

Tip #3: Practice in a safe place before you hit the road. An empty parking lot is a good place to practice basic operations. Step on the board and, when you’re balanced comfortably on your front foot, press the remote control to accelerate. If your board gives you the option, limit the speed range so you don’t go too fast by accident. Work on skating in a simple, straight line until you’ve mastered it.

Tip #4: Learn to turn. You will turn the skateboard by shifting your weight to one side or the other. Shift very gently at first in order to learn how responsive your machine is. Check your manual to see if your board has a reverse option, and if so, add reversing to your practice routine as well.

Every model is different, so it’s worthwhile to do a little research before investing in a motorized skateboard. For the latest news and reviews, check out https://twitter.com/ShroomedWFX.

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