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Best of Makeup Sponges and How They Are Used

So as to apply makeup evenly the beauty sponge was invented. Results of using hands to apply makeup can be streaks. Foundation, powder, cream, sunscreen and maybe a self-tanner can be applied using a makeup sponge. Blotting the evidence that one might even be wearing any makeup is the work of the sponge. To apply liquid makeup, they are ideal. Its ability to absorb excess makeup makes sure that one does not over apply. They are made to last longer nowadays as long as one can clean the sponge properly. There are small and larger sponges. They can come in various sizes. Using the small sponge one can apply makeup on targeted areas or on smaller parts of the face like around the eye.

It is advisable to wet the sponge a bit before starting to apply the makeup. Smoothening out the application is helped by this. A good take for those who might forget to wash their sponges are some disposable sponges. The Avon triangle makeup sponge is an example. It is the least expensive and can get the job done though the rigid lines can make it hard to evenly distribute the makeup. There is another good sponge which is Earth Therapeutics Precisso Cosmetic Blending Sponge. It is made with bamboo charcoal which helps to draw out pollutants out of the skin when one dabs and blend away. What makes it easy to hold and apply is its curvy shape. Jane iredale flocked makeup sponge is good for powder products. Superb is this flocked sponge for buffing down a powdery finish or dabbing on loose powder.

About the size of an almond, beauty blender micro mini is adorable. Quite useful it is for the small areas around the eyes and the nose. If not wet before use the sponge absorbs the product and therefore it should be wet. This result to a lot of waste. The next good makeup sponge is beauty blender. On this blender there is soft latex which leaves the skin flawless instead of clumpy. With a seamless coat, it applies gels, liquid and creams. The sponge should be wet once one wants to apply the makeup. The wetness level of the sponge can help one control the level of coverage since the size doubles up once it is wet.
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Real techniques miracle complexion sponge is last on the list but it doesn’t mean it is the worst. It is best for those people who take their time polishing their complexion. The best side for bronzer and foundation is the broad rounded one. For detailing the tapered end is great and the flat side is best for contouring with creamy products.Getting Down To Basics with Cosmetics

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